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Hi there,

First, I love the idea of station. The design and style is great, the apps you offer work well, and the pricing is killer. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, for now, I’ll have to use a competitor’s app. I wanted to offer some feedback as to why.

  1. The inability to add custom apps. Nearly every competitor has this feature, and it’s invaluable. I use a small, mostly unknown, company for texting my userbase called Betwext. One of the things I really want is to have this logged in and available all the time, without having a browser open. Unfortunately, because of your design philosophy, you decided not to add custom apps. This hurts your end user, because most of us are using some well-known apps, but also probably have our own smaller or internal apps we use. Without this feature, I had to drop station from my list, which is too bad.
  2. From my experience testing it, station is pretty inefficient with system resources. Compared to 4 other competitors, station came in last place for resources used. It can be slow to load apps, and has a tendency to sort of hang. I’m sure this is something that will improve over time. One thing that would help is a feature some competitors use: suspending resource use on apps that haven’t been touched for a while.

I appreciate the chance to try the software, and will periodically check in to see how it’s improved. It certainly has a lot of potential, and I hope eventually it’s something my coworkers and I can put to use.


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