Slack notifications are buggy / duplicated / red dot is constantly here

(Steve Isaacs) #1

Trello notification dot never works/turns on and as of today, Slack dot won’t turn off. Station dock icon shows 7 notifications, but everything is clear in all my tabs.

Here’s the detailed report

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Multi Slack Notifications
Slack audio notifications are very buggy
(Steve Isaacs) #2

I’m sorry to say I had to quit Station for now and go back to my old workflow. I really loved it, but not getting Trello notifications, Slack notifications always being on (even when I was up to date), and the Mac dock badge number always being off made it so I was missing important notifications. Hopefully this will get fixed and I can try again soon. I really was loving it.

(Drew Shannon) #3

I’m running into the same issue. Notifications worked fine for the first 1-2 days of using Station, but now I can’t seem to “clear” Slack notifications

(RodrigoLSM) #4

Same here.

Might not be the same problem, but I can’t get rid of notifications. they are, stuck on 8. I get a new message once and gets “octoplicated” in terms of notifications.

(Georges Abi-Heila) #5

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(Kyra Mc Andrews) #6

I am getting multiples of the same slack notification