Since last updates: Lots of apps no longer loading => Station unusable

Stationversion 1.46.1

It started with OnePageCRM no longer loading the action-log of a contact. Today Jira doesn’t load anymore backlogs/boards.

It became worse with every update in the last two weeks. Restarting doesn’t work. So, Station is now mostly useless for me.

Is anyone from Station caring about problem reports at all?

JIRA is not working with my installation too. Doesn’t load any boards. How to track down where the problem might come from?

Hello @Robert_M_Munch!

We’re sorry about the problems you are having. We are looking into it.
Have you tried to update Station to the 1.47.0 version?
Tell us if it fixes your problems.

Thank you for your understanding.
Have a nice day! :slight_smile:

Yes, I run 1.47.0 which made the situation worse. Some versions before things worked.