Set some apps as "always running" / disable autosleep / prevent logouts

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I want to keep some frequently used apps running in the background so that they don’t reload everytime I open them & I don’t miss any notifications

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Station automatically “sleeps” my apps after a certain time in order to preserve memory & prevent slow-downs. While this is a neat feature, it slows me down sometimes as the app has to reload when I get back to it.

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I’d like to be able to flag certain apps as “always running”. For me, It would be Whatsapp, Hangouts, Trello & Intercom as I use them quite often.

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The main advantage is a more fluid workflow

Yes please! or even disable the “sleep” functionality at all. I guess is what is making me not coming back the next day, the experience is slowed down significantly… because of the loading times…

Continue with the great work!!

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The sleep functionality is exactly what keeps me with Station.

But, as suggested, I’d love to be able to indicate which apps should be always running and which shouldn’t.


It would be great to be able to fine-tune this function as needed. On desktop I’m not exactly worried about battery life :slight_smile:

Absolutely need this. I’ve lost hours in total waiting each time for each of my apps to reload after they’ve gone to sleep.
I have a powerful PC, let me harness that power!!

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Thanks for your feedbacks, it helps us figure out the direction for improvements!

For context, we put in place the webview sleeping system so that Station does not slow down computers despite the fact it is running dozen of web applications.
Though, we want it to be as transparent as possible for the user and that it just works without user needs to worry about configuration.

Currently, we have implemented only the version 1 of this system and it was planned to improve it with the feedbacks received. Here we are! :slight_smile:

The problem with the current version is that it puts apps to sleep too aggressively, i.e. systematically after a some delay (at the exception of some apps). We have planned to improve that in coming weeks so that you should see way less loading pages, especially on frequently used apps.

Hope it makes sense and that we’ll hear your feedbacks.

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so that you should see way less loading pages, especially on frequently used apps.

No, I don’t want to see less loading pages, I want to see no loading pages. Why tweak the system when you can simply let a user indicate to not let it sleep? I’m 99% certain you already have some “never-sleep” rules in place, since I never get loading pages for e.g. Drive while only using it maybe two times per week.

Why not just let us decide as well?

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I agree, there must be the option for no sleep.

Sleep is one of the critical reasons of a lot of users using Station because it loads off a lot of RAM!

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Current Sleep feature is really great. Don’t remove it. Just add an option in the app preferences!!!


I would surely love to see the option to make some apps never enter the sleeping mode.

I switched to Station from Franz and one of the only issues that I don’t like is that almost all of the apps enter sleeping mode way too quick. It’s a real productivity killer for me, as I love my workflow to be as seamless as possible without any delays. Therefore it would be beneficial to be able to pick which apps to keep running in the background.

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I would like to keep some apps continuously running too. This should definitely be implemented.

Furthermore, can you guys add which apps are active on the background, something like that?

Always running would be extremely important for apps like Freshcaller. This is our call centre and it won’t ring if idle. The Freshcaller app is not usable in this form.

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As long as this isn’t fixed/implemented, could you maybe please tell us where in the code the functions for sleeping are? We could then patch them to fit our needs in the meantime or something like that

I sadly haven’t done things with Electron or React, so I wasn’t able to find these by quickly looking through the code :frowning:

Even simple things like Evernote, I need to wait 5-10 secs when I want to write something down.
Very annoying.

I also switched from Franz-- I like the way Station renders text a lot better-- but this sleep function is definitely an issue.

Has there been any progress on a toggle to prevent sleep?

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It seems that whenever I go idle/do something else, when I come back to Station all my apps have been shut down, and have to reload. Some of them take a while to reload so this is pretty much a dealbreaker for me - a browser isn’t as nice as Station but it doesn’t kill tabs I had open for no reason.

I just noticed a desktop notification that disappeared very quickly, but by going to the Mac Notification Center I can see that this behavior may even be intentional? “Your battery is safe”, excellent, good to know that my plugged-into-the-wall battery isn’t going to suffer to keep the work I need open.

This is not a feature, this is a bug. If you want to add mysterious “close apps to conserve battery” behavior - which in some cases could cause people to even lose work! - please make it an option, and definitely don’t do it when battery is at 100% and plugged in.

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It’s just not needed on desktop, battery is of no important. How can we make the apps NEVER be suspended?


The issue I’m facing is my Evernote keeps logging out on Station. All other instances of my Evernote work, but every few hours when I go to open Evernote again, it shows the login page

Here’s the detailed report

  • Trigger: Can’t find anything specific here
  • Issue: Can’t stay logged in to Evernote
  • Explanatory gifs/pictures (we really need that :pray: ):
  • OS version:
  • Station version: 1.8.2