Selectively disable apps / have a sleep toggle / set some apps as inactive (instead of deleting them)

(Celso Santos) #1

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As a Station app user I want to be able to disable certain services/apps so that I can still have the services added but not consuming resources when not needed (for instance 4/5 slack channels)

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When I use Station I do not need to use all the apps at once or have them always active, while the current option is only to delete the service

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I’d like to be able to disable apps/services instead of deleting them

How would it change your experience

The main advantages for me are:

  • Improved/lower resource consumption
  • Less notifications and active channel


It would be a very useful feature for notebook users and for those who are using specific services only a few times a month and don’t need them running in the background all the time. It’s easy to implement, too.

(Georges Abi-Heila) #3

Hey @Celso_Santos, @Mark_SMR,

Thanks for reaching out!
We already “autosleep” your apps according to your specific usage in order to optimise memory consumption. More info about that in the article below.

In the case that isn’t satisfying, could you explain why manual toggles or settings would be better for you?


A manual on-off switch would be much more deterministic, so an app/account would never go online or consume any resources unless I explicitly want to use it. This is especially useful for chat apps, that should be online all the time to receive messages/calls, but currently it’s a pain in the butt to delete and re-add them.

Or if someone uses their computer for both work and home stuff, this would be also good for shutting down the “work” apps at home. I know there is a mute switch for that, but again, it’s not deterministic enough.

(Celso Santos) #5

It’s pretty much what @Mark_SMR just said.

Sometimes I don’t want those apps to load, at all.
I want them available on Station for when I need them (without having to re-add them, with is a PITA) but for the remainder of the time I don’t even want them to load.