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Hi, I’m CTO of a start-up in Berkeley. I spent 30 minutes assessing Station for my team. Here are my thoughts.

Firstly, a little about myself. I am a “power user” of computers. I code (and manage) for a living, so I’ve taken the time to learn all the shortcuts for Chrome, Mac, PyCharm, Vim, etc…

I prefer using the keyboard to the mouse, because it’s faster and less likely to injure you over the long term, if you have a decent keyboard. I use the Kinesis advantage.

Firstly, the reason I was hesitant to even try Station is security. The Station company seems too small to have the resources to securely build a web browser. Our entire life gets routed through a web browser, so it’s necessary that security is top notch. Nothing about Stations marketing suggested it was secure enough to trust with my Google credentials.

Secondly, station has weak keyboard-only support. While pressing CMD+2 and CMT+T to navigate between different applications is AMAZING, I needed to be able to quickly navigate though application windows as well. So adding (CMD + [) and (CMD + ]) to move between application windows would be great. Also, it need a shortcut to open new application windows (For Google Drive especially).

I’m excited about this product, and I hope it improves. I’m not going to switch at this time, but I’m excited about what Station is attempting to achieve. This isn’t my real email, but you can reach me an

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