Remove certain apps' accounts from the Quick Switch (Slack teams, etc.)

(Lu Do) #1

The quick switch is populated by people from Slack.

When joining a large Slack, the user listing on quick switch hide relevant result (google drive for example) and display Slack people.

The most commun trouble is when joining a Slack from another organization, the quick list show a lot of people you don’t know.

As this features is a great features that must be keep, It will be nice to have an option to decide by slack window if we want the quick search feature.

(Ed Horsford) #2

I’ve had to remove both my Slack teams from Station. Both teams have 5000+ members - which makes the quick-switch completely unusable. Nearly every short combination of letters shows a random slack member before a more useful result.

Note also: after you remove the slack teams, the members still show up in quick search. I had to quit and restart a few times to clear the results.