Project based windows - start with why

(Blaise d'Estais) #1

We naturally start with why (based on a need, a feature, a client project, a task, to get that thing to the next step), while today, Station starts with what (you open the Google Sheet app tab, then your client’s sheet ; and your favorite CRM tab, then your client’s tab).

The need is to have one tab for this feature, one tab for this project, one tab for just the design of this more complex project, one tab for this new side project, one tab for this client, one tab for this special partnership, one tab for this event.
In each tab you would open the apps you generally need each time you work on this project, like your Slite, your CRM, your 2 google sheets, your Slack, your UpWork, open with the good companies / channels / pages.
And what’s “One App To Rule Them All” if you can’t start a new project in just a few clicks. For instance, starting the promotion for your next event just requires a new “event promo” tab, with MeetUp, sales navigator, fb ads, mailchimp, and 2 google sheets. With the right default options (name, colleagues in edit mode, integrations) for each.

I hope to see that one day in the app that will rule them all, taking business workflows to the next level.