Privacy policy - How we use the information we collect and how we share information

Hello Station team and community!

I started using this amazing app and so far I love it. Simple design, easy to use, smart features and so. You’ve done great work here. And the app is for free - as you write here:Is there pricing for Station? How do you make money?

I wanted to know more about my privacy policy and terms of use. So I visited a nice simple page
What are your privacy policies?. However, there are a few points I would love to know a little bit more into detail:

How we use the information we collect

We use the information we collect for a variety of purposes, and how we use it depends on what we collect and what features you use. These purposes may include

  • Providing the Service to you
  • Providing customer support or technical assistance
  • Contacting you to provide product updates and inform you about features that you may be interested in
  • Creating or administering your account
  • Deriving market insights, ways to improve the application, and other business analysis or research purposes
  • Respecting our legal and regulatory obligations

How we share information

Only our employees, the services we use, and trusted third-party applications may have access to your personal data.

My questions

Question 1: “May Include” Can you please provide me and to the community a few more purposes. Because from my understanding “may include” means “there is a little bit more but we are showing you just a couple of them.”

Question 2: “Deriving market insights, ways to improve the application, and other business analysis or research purposes” Can you please describe Deriving market insights little bit more?

Question 3: “trusted third-party applications” Can you please specify who are trusted third-party applications and what data they specifically using? The data are account information or data from external services I logged in via Station or cookies or something else?

Thank you so much



I’m also interested in those question.
(Thank you Pavel for raising them)

Kind regards

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Woah, yes, this is a good flag, would like to know more on this as well. Using my info with 3rd party apps will definitely influence my use of this app.

Hi @pavelkroupa @Clement_Dufour @akbar25 Thanks for raising those important questions.

Question 1: I actually can’t think of any other use case than the ones provided on these bullet points. Then clearly the use of “May include” is confusing and I will update our Privacy Policy accordingly. The only reasons why we would use your data is either to:

  1. assist you in any way possible (ex: knowing your version of the app or the apps you use can help us debug an issue you may be facing)
  2. in order to help us decide on what to build next (ex: we see many users installing application X in Station therefore we prioritize building a better integration of this app over others)

Question 2: Yes. I can give you a very concrete example from no later than yesterday: we used Amplitude (an analytics tool) in order to understand which application did users switch the most to using the Quick-Switch feature. We wonder how we could improve the Quick-Switch feature but for that we need to understand what people use it for. I understand “market insights” is a strange term as it resonates as if we were generating reports for people outside the company. We do not. This data is used internally only in order to figure out how to improve existing features or what to build next.

Question 3: Yes very good question. We use a tool call Segment (you might know) that allow us to easily plug our database to other SaaS services that need user data in order to function. Here are 2 very concrete examples:

  • Intercom: we use Intercom in order to communicate with our users via email. But sometimes we want to send an email only to the users of version X or users that used a specific feature because it is more relevant to them. Intercom gets data such as last time a user was active, the app version etc. in order to help us email the right users.
  • Appcues: we use it in order to create the onboarding tooltips you must have seen the first time you used Station. Those tooltips can be triggered based on a set of actions taken by the user. If you haven’t used the Quick-Switch functionality for instance then Appcues needs to know this in order to send a tooltip to introduce the feature. If you’ve used the Quick-Switch, that tooltip is useless for you, hence Appcues won’t show it.

I insist on the fact that Segment and the third-party tools we feed data in are GDPR compliant. If tomorrow you ask us to delete all your data, it will be removed across all those third-party applications, not just our database.

I hope this answers your questions. I tried to be as detailed as possible as we’ve got nothing to hide. Thanks for your questions as they helped us improve our Privacy Policy once again and make them clearer for you guys.

Please do not hesitate to hit us with more questions on this! We do not take it lightly considering the fact that you indeed use many of your applications through Station. It’s natural you wonder what happen to that information. As Peter Parker said: with great power comes great responsibility.


Will it ever change down the line of how and who uses the information? And if it does will you give us notice?

@akbar25 Good question. In order to know if down the line our position on data collection will change equals to asking what our future business model will be. Either we chose to charge users / companies for it or we decide to keep it entirely free and generate revenue from advertising. We firmly believe in the former option.

We are currently working hard to build collaborative value for entire companies, and ultimately we’d be able to charge for that value we’ve created. I am very confident we can succeed and our entire roadmap is geared towards that objective.

We are building Station so we have companies pay for the product, rather than be the product.

As for your second question: yes, we would definitely update our privacy policy if that was to change and you would all be made aware of what exactly is changing.

Hope that answers your question.

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Thanks Julien, I appreciate you taking the time to clarify and respond to this one.