Privacy and security between apps / each app should be "firewalled"

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Need privacy and security between apps; each app should be “firewalled”

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Not sure what privacy is supported- what’s reported to google, etc.

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I’d like to know what privacy/security exists and what you do with my data

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The main advantages for me are:

I like what I’ve seen so far! For me it’s the equivalent of having an ipad on my mac (almost).

My understanding is that it’s a google chrome browser that’s been customized.

What measures are taken to protect my privacy between ‘apps’? I don’t like installing apps on my ipad as they steal whatever information they can (wifi networks I’m logged into, contacts, trackers, ID…) and am hoping that a browser based solution can help as there (ideally) is less custom code…

Is there any ad-blocking?

Can I have say multiple “users” of apps installed (instagram, google, …)

Why is there not a basic facebook app?

Will there be a full blown instagram app (with messages)

Keep up the good work!

Hey @Mac_Guy :wave:

Thanks for reaching out!
You can find answers to most of your questions on our Privacy Policy page.

As for an adblocker: there’s currently none in Station but it’s been requested here in the community, don’t hesitate to upvote the topic :wink: