Previous and Next buttons on the UI

This request is pretty basic, I don’t think it needs more explanations.

As a Dynamics user I regularly want to go back to the previous page I was on. Which at the moment requires to use twice the “Back” shortcut or left click then back (which is not available in Dynamics by the way).

So in order to make the app more user friendly, it will be great to have a previous and a next buttons, like on any web browser. And I am pretty sure that Dynamics is not the only webappp where users would like to see those buttons.

Hi @Cedric,

We understand the struggle.

To give some context, we realized that most of the web-apps usually integrate navigation controls that makes browser’s back and forth button redundant. More than redundancy, we wanted the make the Station’s UI as minimalist as possible to give more space to the web-app itself.

That being said, we kept several ways to do a back without having a button in the interface:

  • there is a menu History > Back
  • right clicking gives you the contextual menu with a back button
  • there is a shortcut available: CmD+[ on Mac, Ctrl+[ on Windows
  • on Mac you can swipe with 3 fingers to go back (see configuration details here)

@Cedric you said you need to use twice the back shortcut. Do you know why exactly? Is it the same on your default browser?

Hi @Alexandre,

To be honest those commands are not hand.

I have to use twice the Ctrl+( on the Dynamics app where on the website only one hit on the previous button is required. Don’t know why it is like this.

What if this feature was toggle-able?

Thanks for the feedbacks,

We’ll add more commoin keyboard shortcut (Cmd+(), and add buttons on some applications.

Why did you choose 3 fingers for Mac ? I think we’re used to two fingers (safari, chrome…)
My 3 fingers just change desktop and don’t want to use 4 for this, just to economize one finger efforts :wink:

I have 2 fingers swipe set in Preferences to go back but it doesn’t work in Station.

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that starting from V1.4.1 we’ve added back & forth buttons to Station (hurray :tada:).
You can see them in the top left corner of Station’s window, just above the quick switch.