Please, do not request apps or extensions here

The place to request web-apps or Chrome extensions for further implementation is directly within Station’s app store.

To suggest an application to add to Station:

  1. Go in the app-store ("+" icon at the bottom left)
  2. Enter the name of the desired app/extension in the search input
  3. If it’s not available, you should see the “request” button: click it!
  4. Please, be a champ and make sure that the name of the app you’re requesting is correctly entered (typos = evil)

We’ll implement apps and extensions requests by popularity order every couple of weeks & you’ll be notified with an in-app tooltip after each new release. Bear in mind that extensions are technically much harder to implement and will probably require a bigger delay.

You’re the best :relieved:

If I type in the name of an app and it shows an unrelated result, the request button won’t show and leaves me helpless. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


If I want to request Spotify, it shows Shopify as an unrelated result. I cannot click the request button as it is finding something for the term Spotify but not Spotify itself. So please implement spotify

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Hi. I’m having the same problem as others here. I’m looking to add “Teamwork”. When I search it brings up Teamweek, and there’s no “request” button. So I guess you figured it out - I’d like to have Teamwork added (it’s a central tool for our office and would allow me to push Station to all colleagues). Thanks.


Same when typing “Gitter” which is a popular chat app.

It returns “Twitter”, so no button to request “Gitter” to be added.

I had exactly the same issue. I sent a message using the process at the top of this page and never heard anything back. I actually came into this community hoping for an updated list of apps that I could reference to see if Teamwork was added without firing up the app regularly. I can’t use this product until Teamwork is supported.

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Odd, works fine for me using version 1.0.9. Are you all on the latest version?

I see what is happening.

When you type in the app, if there is already an app with the same basic word formation (i.e. Teamweek vs. Teamwork) the search defaults to showing only the existing/supported app(s) and no option to request the desired app is shown. If you add a space to the end of your typed word (in this case Teamwork[space] then the Request teamwork button will appear.

Odd behavior to be sure, but it does work.

Hi guys!

Sorry about that! We will fix this soon.

Sorry, did not read that beforehand and sugested Facebook Pages Manager, also, i can’t request it.

Is there any way of integrating an app into station on our own personal profile? so it’s not global? would love to be able to use station as well as one of our systems.

In my case, our IT folks ‘protect’ our google suite access by using Elastica. This works fine in the product I was using before (i.e. Shift ) but when I try to get gmail (or calendar or gdrive) from Station all I see is the message:
Welcome to Elastica
The service you are trying to access is secured by Elastica. You must install the Elastica Gateway SSO Helper in order to access it.

Where would I request support for that? It’s not really an app or extension. I guess it’s a Chrome Extension. Is that something that is planned?


Could a status for a request be posted once it’s been reviewed for inclusion with Station? It would be nice to know if a suggested app has been looked at but won’t be included (and as Station’s popularity grows, perhaps it might encourage developers of those apps to make it easier for those apps to be included in Station in future?).

For example, I suggested Join (much cheaper and more flexible version of Pushbullet) a couple of months ago. If it’s already been reviewed by Station’s developer and declined for inclusion at the moment, it would be nice to know that is the current status (and reasons why it won’t be included, if there are technical reasons).

I support your request.