Please add Ctrl + 0 as a shortcut

(Linfeng Li) #1

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Ctrl + 1 through Ctrl + 9 are doing great jobs! This is the 2nd day after installation Station the previous evening, and I have already flooded the left column with 10 Apps.

I would like to jump to the 10th App using Ctrl + 0.

Tell us about the current experience

Ctrl + 1 jumps to the 1st App; …; and Ctrl + 9 jumps to the 9th App. Yet, Ctrl + 0 does not do anything.

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Ctrl + 1 jumps to the 1st App; …; and Ctrl + 9 jumps to the 9th App. It would be nice that Ctrl + 0 should jump to the 10th App.

How would it change your experience

The main advantages for me are:

  • Increase the number of active Apps from 9 to 10,
  • Potentially, can increase it form 9 to 12, if shortcuts can further be devised for Ctrl + Minus-sign and Ctrl + Equal-sign

0, -, and = signs are lying in the same row, right after number 9. It would be intuitive to use.

(Linfeng Li) #2

I bet I am asking too much. I see that Ctrl + 0 is reserved for resuming the Zoom level.

Then, how about enabling a parallel set of shortcuts for switching Apps, say: Alt + num, where the “num” goes from 1 to 9, and then 0, up till the Equal-sign? I don’t see a conflict in the Alt + num shortcut.j