Paste without formatting / Paste as plain text / Paste and match style doesn't work (Command-Shift-Option-V)

(Ken Blackman) #21

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I want to paste copied text as unstyled text (sometimes called “paste and match style”) using shift-option-command-V.

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This is a pretty standard key combination. In Gmail in Chrome or Firefox for example, I would use this. In Station, when I tried it, nothing happened.

So I have to paste the text, select it, and re-style it.

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I’d like it to paste and match the style currently applicable at the cursor.

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(Freddie) #22

Adding another vote for this fix. I’m trying to use Station and it seemed to be nicely streamlined. But not being able to paste without formatting is a major issue for me. Hope it gets resolved soon or I’ll need to go back to the old way of organizing things.

(William Whyte) #23

(MacBook Pro running Mojave 10.14.2)

Yet another vote for addressing this ASAP please! It’s very annoying since CMD-SHIFT-V (on a Mac) is in my muscle memory now.

@everyone on this thread: There is actually a workaround. You can CMD-V paste into GMail, then use CMD-\ to remove formatting. It’s still annoying but it’s less annoying than having another app open.

The intriguing thing about this workaround is that it suggests that in general Station passes the keyboard command directly through to the Web App, but that in this specific case Station is intercepting the keyboard command and doing something with it. That suggests that it should be an easy fix – just remove the Station code and let the Web App handle it.

Finally, one of the most pettily frustrating things about this is that “Paste and match style” actually appears as a Station menu command. Since Station has so few menu commands, you’d think they’d check that all the ones they do have actually work!


I really thought that I was crazy. On Mac, CMD + V works to paste - however, CMD + SHIFT + V (paste without styling) is broken. It used to work for me up until a couple of months ago so I am not sure what is going on. Very, very frustrating…

(Andrew Davis) #25

I’ve just installed Station (which looks really good).

CMD + SHIFT + V is one of the first things I tried. It seems to work in Google Sheets, but not in Google Docs.

(DShan) #27

Any update here? Really disruptive to workflows.

(Nick Adnum) #28

Just reporting this issue again to help the process along.

Operating system: OS X 10.14.3
Station version: 1.37.2

(DShan) #29

5th highest voted bug and no response from devs? Killer support.

(Martin Boutges) #30

Idem, just adding to the other comments, that’s the #1 reason I switch back to normal web browser rather than working in Station

(swithdrawn) #31

I love Station and have been using it for several months. This has slowly been driving me nuts – I finally looked today to see if there’s a solution. Very sad to see lots of user concern and zero response from developers on something that should be simple to fix. Since it doesn’t look like this is getting fixed, I’m going back to the browser.

(Ryan) #32

Confirming that this is still an issue.

CMD+\ is a decent workaround for now, thanks for that tip @William_Whyte

Station version 1.39.2
Electron 4.0.4
Chrome 69.0.3497.106
Node 10.11.0
@getstation/services 0.27.0

MacOS Mojave 10.14.3


This is still a BIG issue. Can you please fix this ASAP

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(jl) #34

This continues to be an issue. Oddly, it appears to work if you pop out a Compose window (in Gmail) from the main Station app.

(Anton Staroverov) #35

Really love Station. BUT:

Shame for this issue not been fixed!!! :angry:

(Chae Riley) #36

I’ve stopped using Station because of the featuring of Plain Text pasting is missing…Kiwi Gmail has it implemented and until Station resolves it I’m sticking elsewhere as I find this more productive then a lack of apps on Kiwi Gmail side. Have just reinstalled after several months and Station still hasn’t got it…Please add it in :slight_smile:

(Brandon Booth) #37

I have the same problem on my Mac with both the OS and Station being the latest version. Any news on when this will be fixed?

(DShan) #38

This is ridiculous! Fix this issue.

(Manish Jasyal) #39

Facing the same issue on latest version of Station.
For this reason, I am no longer able to use Gmail on Station :frowning:

(Chris Dahl) #40

I’ve stopped using Station until this is fixed. I’m in Gmail all day, and need to constantly copy/paste items (without formatting) into emails.

I’ll check back in a month to see if it’s been addressed. I consider this a fundamental requirement if you’re trying to capture anyone using Station for business.