Paste without formatting / Paste as plain text / Paste and match style doesn't work (Command-Shift-Option-V)

(Ken Blackman) #21

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I want to paste copied text as unstyled text (sometimes called “paste and match style”) using shift-option-command-V.

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This is a pretty standard key combination. In Gmail in Chrome or Firefox for example, I would use this. In Station, when I tried it, nothing happened.

So I have to paste the text, select it, and re-style it.

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I’d like it to paste and match the style currently applicable at the cursor.

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(Freddie) #22

Adding another vote for this fix. I’m trying to use Station and it seemed to be nicely streamlined. But not being able to paste without formatting is a major issue for me. Hope it gets resolved soon or I’ll need to go back to the old way of organizing things.