Order the Quick Switch default suggestions and query answers by most recently used


(Andrew Herron) #1

I’m not sure how the “jump to” list is ordered today, but it doesn’t seem to have any relation to applications or pages I’ve recently used.

It would be really nice if it was ordered by most recently used - for example, if I click a link that opens another application, the jump to menu would show the application page I came from at the top of the list.

This would make it much easier to navigate between my most common applications without removing all the apps I use once a day or less just to reduce the clutter in that menu.

Option to Favorite an app for multiple Slack Teams
(Damon Cook) #2


As a everyday Station user with multiple Slack Teams I want to be able to use the Show Search shortcut (Ctrl+T) and jump to my primary Slack Team without so many keystrokes.


Currently, when you’ve added multiple Slack Teams they’re listed in alphabetical order. Therefore, my primary team is 3rd item at bottom. So I have to Ctrl+T, arrow :arrow_down: x 3, and then Enter.


I’d like be able to Favorite a Slack Team and it show at top when I Show Search (Ctrl+T).


The main advantages for me are:

  • Productivity booster. :grinning: