Option to prevent multiple instances of Station running on Windows 10

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As a Windows 10 user I want to prevent Station from opening multiple instances of the application so that when I select Station from the taskbar, it opens the desktop where Station is running instead of opening another instance of Station. Mac does not have this behavior, only Windows 10.

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When I use multiple desktops and Windows 10 and if I have Station open on Desktop 1, if I am in another Desktop and I click Station which is pinned to the taskbar, it opens a separate Station instance.

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I’d like an option to prevent secondary instances of Station from opening on WIndows. On Mac, this is the default behavior.

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The main advantages for me are:

  • Single instance running.
  • Less resources used.
  • Navigates to the Desktop I keep for communication

(Ben Cuttings) #2

There are various options from which you can prevent multiple instances of Station running on Windows 10. If you are using Windows 10 get Start Menu Error and you are unable to solve this error then you may visit at this link Windows 10 Start Menu Critical Error to know how you can solve this error.

(Mikey Wang) #3

I’m not sure I understand…the link you sent me to doesn’t help prevent multiple instances of an application from running.