Open link in default browser in the background


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I want to open a link in the default browser in the background

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When I click on a link, say in the feedly app, i want that link to open in the default browser in the background without being switched over to the browser. I want to maintain the current focus within the app i’m currently using within station. Normally i do this via holding the CMD/CTRL key, in other apps including browsers while clicking. This provides me with the ability to open some links in the background while holding down the CMD key or if i don;t hold the key then it immediately switches me over to the browser on clicking the link.

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I’d like change the ability of opening links without losing focus of station and the current app i’m viewing.

DESCRIBE THE IMPACT (how would it change your experience)

The main advantages for me are:

  • Increase speed of processing articles or line items since i don;t have to leep switching back to go to the next item. It allows me to quickly go through and open the links i need in the default browser and once done i can switch over to the browser and process those links as opened.

  • Allows me to close pinned tabs in the browser and have for example feedly open within station. I currently have feedly and other tabs like hacker news and reddit pinned to the default browser so i can quickly process through items of interest without having to switch focus say from feedly.

Open links in the background of default browser
(Ahmad Assaf) #2

As a user I want to be able to open a link in the background in my default browser (for example holding CMD/CTRL + click) so that i can open a bunch of links when checking my email (newsletters) and then examine the links one by one instead of keep going back and forth

The main advantages for me are: save lots of time !

(Xavier) #3

Furthermore, i would like a setting to chose, per app or globally, to open links in station / open in default browser / open in bakground default browser.