Open external links in Station instead of other browser / set Station as the default browser (instead of Safari, Chrome, etc.)

(Omar Tan) #1

SUMMARY (your need in one sentence)

On RSS reader apps like Feedly, it’ll be nice that external links will open the page in Station itself rather than opening in the default operation system web browser.

GIVE US CONTEXT (tell us about the current experience)

When I use apps like Feedly, some of the feeds will require to be viewed on the actual website itself, at the moment clicking on those link will open the website on my default web browser causing me to leave Station app temporarily, this is a bit annoying as you just want to read that single article, then need to close the tab and then switch back to Station, and repeat that whole process again when some feeds require to be viewed on its website.

PROVIDE DETAILS (tell us what you are looking to change)

I’d like for maybe another panel to appear which will load the web page in Station itself and allows the user to close, refresh the page, open the page in default web browser, this will be a similar experience as Facebook on iOS where by default any external links will load by the built-in web browser on Facebook app, but the user is given an option to open the link in Safari if he/she choses. So what I am asking is a similar feature to be built in Station

DESCRIBE THE IMPACT (how would it change your experience)

The main advantages for me are:

  • It’ll be provide a more cohesive one app experience
  • Since I run Station full screen on OSX, don’t need to move between full screen panels that much
  • Less mouse movements and clicks

Open external links in Station
Links opening in the wrong app / in default browser instead of Station (GitHub, BitBucket, Dropobox Paper, Welcome Kit, CircleCI, Google Docs, Box, Search Console, etc.)
I wish station to become a full browser than just for apps
Open links from one app to another app, in the other app, instead of default browser
(Omar Tan) #2

One example is app like Feedly has an option to open in web browser, upon clicking it, it’ll open another tab in Station and not open the link in Safari, makes sense?

(Andrew Herron) #3

I don’t use station for my email, so it would be nice if clicking a link opened the relevant application in station. I can think of two ways to solve this:

  • The ability to set Station as my default browser. This would also need configuration for which browser to redirect to if I open a link to a website that doesn’t have a station app.
  • The ability to open a link in a station app from the clipboard. It’s less convenient, but for the few websites I have in station I wouldn’t mind copying a link from my email and hitting a button in station to navigate to it.

(Sameer Bhiwani) #4


As a Google Docs user I want to open Google Docs shared links from other apps in Station instead of my default browser so that I can have all my open docs consolidated in Station.


When I receive a Google Docs shared link in Slack or email, and I click on it, the doc opens in my default browser (Chrome). If I want it open in Station, I have to go to Station, select, ‘Shared with me’ and find the document and open it.


I’d like Station to capture that link and open it like other docs opened inside station.


The main advantages for me are:

  • Streamlined workflow. If I am replacing my browser with Station, then I don’t want to use the browser and Station should default to the app for all that I have configured in it.

Links opening in the wrong app / in default browser instead of Station (GitHub, BitBucket, Dropobox Paper, Welcome Kit, CircleCI, Google Docs, Box, Search Console, etc.)
(Pascal Dk) #5

I’m a new Station user (installed 5min ago) and this missing feature is the only reason why I came on this forum ! :slight_smile:

Opening any page into Station would be the best option, but having at least a readabilty-like features for simple pages (articles and blog posts, wikipedia,…) would be a good start already…

(Tevya) #6

I agree with @Sameer_Bhiwani. Links that go from one Station app to another, should open in the destination app’s “tab”, rather in the default browser. However, links that open a new domain/subdomain/app that’s not associated with a Station app, should open that outside Station in the default browser. This is more intuitive and natural.

(Akhildrake ) #7

Station should be a Standalone browser rather than an application just for the apps. i don’t want to use station as well as chrome side by side, i’d definitely replace my usage of chrome with station. It would be nice, i.e when a link is clicked rather than taking me to chrome, if station would have taken up the feature, it would be far better.

Using station was dope and made my life easier and faster, but there is still some unfilled gap.

(Evren Inanç) #8

I agree with this, maybe adding a browser option in available services could work, for me i would like to transfer all the wordpress admin pages into station, but for now i have to rely on Safari, while google analytics stays in Station.