Open all external links in a default browser

(Michael E. Rubin) #1

Right now, I need to right-click and manually select a link if I want to open it in my default browser.

Is there a setting or preference where I can set Station to open all links in my default browser? I’d like to be able to do this without having to right-click and manually select it if possible.


Open external links in a default browser
(Ján Bočínec) #2

It would be really nice if I can set a list of links (URLs, domains with wildcards etc…), which are always opened by an external (default) browser. Thank you!

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(Terry Seares) #3

I second this. I open external links in Asana all day and have to continually right click - open in default browser.
I have recommended Station to some of my colleagues but this issue has put them off using it as it takes a while to get into this habit. Thanks guys

(Pierre Achard) #4

Hi guys!

Same as Terry Seares here, as we’re also using extensively Asana!

Can you add a setting to let us open all external links in the default browser?



(Adrian) #5

Please add this feature!

(DevBytes) #6

Rather have this as a keyboard shortcut.
If you put it in settings you will find yourself having to turn it of somethimes for login pages.