One-window per app mode for better OS integration

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:bulb: SUMMARY
It would be amazing if there was a one-window per app mode so I can use the native OS window management features while having the other amazing station features like search and web app link handling.

As a product manager at high-growth software company, I want to be able to have separate windows for every app in station so that I can use all the useful application management features in macOS such as Exposé, cmd+tab, split screen, full screen, etc.

Tell us about the current experience

You guys are really onto something with application-izing the web, but now you’re duplicating a lot of the functionality already solved fairly well by macOS. Additionally, this leads to a disparity between how I interact with apps that are within station and those which are native apps. For example, now I have to remember whether I have to use ctrl+tab or cmd+tab to get between application A & B.

The ability to pull a window out of station is somewhat useful if I want to put two things side-by-side, but i’m still left with all my web apps stuck inside station and then some other native apps stuck outside. It’s a disjointed experience and not as seamless as it could be.

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Tell us what you are looking to change

I would really love to be able to turn every web app I use into it’s own “app” via station. That way I can use the native window management and multi-tasking features in macOS seamlessly between native and web apps. Before station, I would do this using separate chrome windows, but it’s clunky to manage those.

Since station already detects the parent application when you click a link, you would know which “app” window to open a link in. Additionally, your aggregated search is super powerful and could be it’s own “station search” app window that I could pull up when needed.

I understand there are some use-cases and users where it makes sense to have everything combined into one, so this is why I would suggest this as a separate “mode” for using station that the user can choose.

How would it change your experience

The main advantages for me are described above, but to reiterate:

  • Ability to use native macOS window switching, application mgmt, and multi-tasking features
  • More unified experience between station web-apps and actual native mac apps