Notification badges / unread dots are hard to see during the day / for color blind users

(Etienne Dldc) #1

Hi !

Thanks for the great work !

I just want to report that I’m color blind and it’s often hard to see the red dot of unread content.

It would be nice to be able to change its color or just use a color with a better contrast.


Add a highlight or a border etc. on notifications to help people that are color blind
Notification Badge virtually invisible in the day time
(Mathieu) #2

Hi Etienne,

Thanks for your feedback, we are working on improving the way notifications are shown. Also, is there any other part of Station where colors or contrasts are not optimal? We’ll take this into account :sparkles:

(Etienne Dldc) #3

Great news !

The notification is the only thing I have trouble with but my color blindness is not very strong so don’t take my words too seriously here :slight_smile:


Same for me.

Also on high resolution monitors the red dots are more difficult to see.

(Etienne Dldc) #5

Any updates on this ?

(Electronini) #6

Although the gradient changing of colors based on the time of the day feels good, there comes a period of time in the day when the notification badge is virtually invisible. I look at the dock and find notification badge glowing, and after I click Station to check which particular app I’m getting notification from, it takes a considerable effort to find. And it’s a pain to do so.

(Bastien Coutable) #7

As a color-blind user, I can’t see this badge with the “blurred” left-bar. Could be nice to have another “badge” system, or a color-blind mode. I’m waiting updates about it to use station.

(Nathan Kondra) #8

I would like an option to highlight tabs with notifications for people who are color blind or have poor eyesight.

I am color blind and have a hard time picking up the little red dots used to indicate notifications. I would like to have an option that could be toggled to highlight tabs with notifications. I am thinking of a tab border or a different background color. Being able to choose that color would also be nice to ensure that everyone could see it to their desired preference.