Multiple issues with Station's sidebar

(Zaki) #1


First of all, thanks for all of you that’s made Station an awesome app. It’s been super useful in helping me declutter my work that happens across multiple apps.

I just have a couple of feedback re: Station’s left sidebar:

  1. Apps are hard to identify without colours - Because we lost the colours in the app icons, it takes me a while to identify which icon is for which app. I understand that this might be due to wanting to reduce distraction when using an app, so perhaps having them highlight only when we have our cursor over the sidebar would work.
  2. Apps shortcut should be highlighted - I realised that Station supports keyboard shortcuts to jump to another app, so why not highlight them below the icon ala Slack?
  3. The icons are too small - This is especially for the action icons (i.e add, notification, etc). At the moment, I feel like I have to squint and spend a few seconds deciphering each icon. Also, the placements feels really tight leaving me with a tiny click target. This is rather painful when trying to use with the mouse.
  4. The sidebar can get pretty distracting - Some apps come with their own left-side sidebar, so having multiple layers of a sidebar can get pretty distracting. Not sure what the solution is here, but perhaps having the sidebar collapsible, or change state to a more subtle colour when using an app might be useful.

Those are some of my thoughts. Happy to discuss/clarify some of these problems with you! :slight_smile:


(Mehdi Bellatig) #2

big +1 for the colours of the icons on the sidebar, it’s very hard to identify them when everything is so grey, why not offer this as an option ? :confused:


(Tom Avatars) #3

I agree with the colors, and one of the most important thing here, would be to have the same kind of highlighting than when you do Cmd+Tab on mac when you change apps but with the Ctrl+Tab in Station; Please do this!!!

(Natasha K) #4

It is hard to scan the list. But I prefer the current monotone colors. It keeps it calm and non-distracting, which is important if you have many apps (as I do).

I’d recommend spacers/dividers so you can group apps.