Multiple accounts within one dock icon / merge several accounts in a single icon (Slack, Gmail, Agenda)

(Peter Haworth) #1

I have two gMail accounts. I added gMail to Station and opened one of the accounts. Within that account, I used the gMail option to open another account. That worked but it added a second gMail icon to Station.

I would like to see the second and subsequent gMail account windows listed within a single gMail account icon as separate pages as happens with other apps.

All app accounts in the same icon : slacks-agendas-gmail
(Emma Le Goff) #2


With my team, we find it kind of complicated to have several slack/Gmail/agendas Button in our toolbar of station.
Would it be possible to put all accounts in one icon?
Like several slacks accounts in ONE slack icon (like on Googledrive: you have the Google Drive icon and,then, on it, you have several documents.
Thé same for Google agenda: why Can not de merge several agendas like on Gmail?
Finally, it would also bé useful to be able tonmanage all Gmail accounts in one icon: I manage several of thé company accountand it is difficult tout manage it on station.



(Bob Weston) #3

I’m not sure this is the best of solutions, and I have no idea how well it applies to other apps, but if you use “Sign in to another workspace” from the menu inside Slack instead of Station’s menu for adding a new team, then you end up with multiple Slack workspaces under a single icon.

As far as I can tell, there are very few drawbacks:

  • Station treats them all as one team in My Apps, including the settings for using the team logo in the dock (it seems to show whichever one I had active last) and keeping them active in the background or not
  • From Station’s perspective they are also merged for the purposes of muting and un-muting notifications, so if you want per-team control over that you have to do it from within Slack
  • You see each team listed separately when you mouse over the icon in the dock (unlike in My Apps), and “Add a new team” displays underneath that, which makes it look like that would be the place to add more teams with the same behavior, but that’s actually how to add a separate Station app/dock icon; for merging them under one, you need to do it from within the Slack interface, as mentioned above.

I had assumed that being able to do it either way was completely intentional, because of how smoothly it works. Even Quick Switch and Recents seem to have no problem with either setup.