Moving, repositioning or resizing Station's window is difficult / top bar is invisible and too thin / grabbable area is small

(Josh Lucas) #1

When using Mac applications, I commonly double click the top bar to resize the window to fit my screen.

I also use the top bar to grab the window and reposition it.

Is there a different way to perform these actions that are not intuitive to me?

Expand the Station Window to include a bigger target for moving and resizing the window
Unable to move station around
Unable to move Station's window
(Paul Pattison) #3

I also find this a problem. Finding some part of the UI to grab to move my window is very difficult. I don’t find an answer of “it’s there, just really thin” that helpful. I think it should be bigger and visually obvious.

(Ivan Storck) #4

I can’t grab anywhere to move the window around

As a user I want to click on the top part of the window so that I can move the window around on my big monitor

there’s no where to click right now so I am stuck with the window where it appears
When I try to click it always lands on a button

(Christian Baptiste) #5

SUMMARY (your need in one sentence)
I love this app but I get extremely frustrated when I want to move the window. The target area often depends on what app I am in and it is almost always difficult to find or click which makes both moving and resizing the station window difficult.
As a … I want to … so that …

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I have to hunt and peck to find an area for my mouse to grab on to, or I have to switch apps that give a larger click area.
When I …

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I’d like …
I’d like the station app to keep a 20 px top area for grabbing and resizing.
DESCRIBE THE IMPACT (how would it change your experience)

The main advantages for me are:
being productive instead of fighting with the trying to move or resize my window.


Here’s the detailed report

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  • Issue:
    The issue I’m facing is …

I can’t click and move it around on my screen. Ex. When I need to see something behind it or move it over a little bit, it feels like Station is glued to where it is on my screen. I have to shut it down or not use it. And I really like using it.

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(Gottfried Chen) #7

Same here. Moving the window is very frustrating and ruins the app for me. Slack has a similar layout, but the whole top is a drag target.


Also finding this a major source of frustration. I’m having to resize the app window using the corner left and right handles to resize and shove the window around.

(Miles Stevens) #9

Not sure if this is helpful but, on Mac, the foolproof way of always grabbing the window is bringing your cursor to the top edge until you get the double vertical arrows, as if to vertically resize it. Instead of dragging up or down (which does resize the window) drag left or right to move Station. The same works for the left and right sides—instead of dragging left or right, which resizes horizontally, briefly drag up or down and it will “release” the window to be moved around. It’s dumb that I’m even having to post this but it does work. Not sure if Windows is similar or not.
I get the impression that the Station people intend for the app to be used in a dedicated, full-screen mode rather than as a window. But sometimes you just need to drag and drop or see other stuff. Stupid.