Moving, repositioning or resizing Station's window is difficult / top bar is invisible and too thin / grabbable area is small

(Josh Lucas) #1

When using Mac applications, I commonly double click the top bar to resize the window to fit my screen.

I also use the top bar to grab the window and reposition it.

Is there a different way to perform these actions that are not intuitive to me?

Expand the Station Window to include a bigger target for moving and resizing the window
Unable to move station around
Unable to move Station's window
(Paul Pattison) #3

I also find this a problem. Finding some part of the UI to grab to move my window is very difficult. I don’t find an answer of “it’s there, just really thin” that helpful. I think it should be bigger and visually obvious.

(Ivan Storck) #4

I can’t grab anywhere to move the window around

As a user I want to click on the top part of the window so that I can move the window around on my big monitor

there’s no where to click right now so I am stuck with the window where it appears
When I try to click it always lands on a button

(Christian Baptiste) #5

SUMMARY (your need in one sentence)
I love this app but I get extremely frustrated when I want to move the window. The target area often depends on what app I am in and it is almost always difficult to find or click which makes both moving and resizing the station window difficult.
As a … I want to … so that …

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I have to hunt and peck to find an area for my mouse to grab on to, or I have to switch apps that give a larger click area.
When I …

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I’d like …
I’d like the station app to keep a 20 px top area for grabbing and resizing.
DESCRIBE THE IMPACT (how would it change your experience)

The main advantages for me are:
being productive instead of fighting with the trying to move or resize my window.


Here’s the detailed report

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  • Issue:
    The issue I’m facing is …

I can’t click and move it around on my screen. Ex. When I need to see something behind it or move it over a little bit, it feels like Station is glued to where it is on my screen. I have to shut it down or not use it. And I really like using it.

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(Gottfried Chen) #7

Same here. Moving the window is very frustrating and ruins the app for me. Slack has a similar layout, but the whole top is a drag target.


Also finding this a major source of frustration. I’m having to resize the app window using the corner left and right handles to resize and shove the window around.