Missing apps in the sidebar / dock icons are hidden / dock is empty



Here’s the detailed report

  • Trigger: Unsure. Station always launches like this.
  • Issue: My apps no longer appear in Station’s sidebar. I can’t quick switch to them either via CTRL + TAB or CTRL + NUMBER. However if I try to add them again it looks like those apps are already added/connected to Station. I have no way of removing apps or adding them back.

My notifications still appear and if I click on them I’ll be taken to the app though.

HelpScout stopped appearing
Missing app icons

Here is what the app store looks for me, note you can see apps that are connected.

(Rildo Moraes) #3

Missing app icons on sidebar, but I can switch via CTRL + TAB. Anyone can help me?

(Cleyton Trustvox) #4

The issue I’m facing is:

Here’s the detailed report

(Paul Southcott) #5

I have same problem -although just with just one app - Skype - all others are there

If you go to Settings/MyApps it is not there – but it works