Microphone doesn't work anymore

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I updated to Mojave, before Catalina release.

After that, I can’t use my mic anymore (tested with Slack & Discord into Station).

My mic still works fine with Slack App or Zoom App, but not into any Station registered app, just seems that while updated MacOS, it removed Mic authorization and there is no way to add it in prefpane.

Any idea?

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    Updated to Mojave.

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Can’t add GetStation to that pane to activate my mic and talk to my fellows !

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same here, already upgraded to Catalina

@rburgst : I tried to remove and reinstall Station, but it seems that some files are left somewhere and Stations/MacOS didn’t ask for Mic access when reinstalling.

Maybe not the smartest move, but I stopped using Station to use each app separately until I have a solution… Hope you’ll be luckier than me!

I don’t think that’s actually the problem. In my case I did a complete reinstall of the app and it still did not request permissions.

Same issue here - and I also will have to stop using Station if this issue (for camera, as well) isn’t fixed, as toggling between docs, email, and video calls is the primary benefit of the app for me. I haven’t found a way to prompt the permission request, and Station does not appear in the Privacy settings list.


Same here! Since i’ve updated to MacOS Catalina i can’t use the Mic and Cam anymore in Station. I didn’t have any problem before the update.

Electron needs to be updated for MacOS Catalina. Electron documentation: https://electronjs.org/docs/api/system-preferences#systempreferencesaskformediaaccessmediatype-macos

I am still on Mojave, and I’m having this problem. Slack, Skype, and anything else that uses microphone won’t work for audio and thus Station becomes pretty useless for me, since I use it to group all my messaging apps (Skype, Slack, WhatsApp, Telegram). Station needs to request the microphone and camera access. I’m surprised this hasn’t been done sooner.

Is this the framework Station is using to interface with the hardware? Have the acknowledged that this is not-functioning? Is there an story tracking it that we could follow-contribute to ?