Message Team members from team bar

(phd) #1

SUMMARY (your need in one sentence)

As a user with a messaging app connected I’d like to be able to message a team member directly from the team bar on the right

GIVE US CONTEXT (tell us about the current experience)

Currently I see people I frequently communicate with on the right team bar and all I can do is share with them the current page or invite them to Station.

PROVIDE DETAILS (tell us what you are looking to change)

I’d like a small floating modal that allowed me to have a chat with just one of my team members as a quick way to communicate with out leaving the current context.

DESCRIBE THE IMPACT (how would it change your experience)

The main advantages for me are:
I can stay in my current task with only minor diversion

(Drew Templeton) #2

Great idea @phd. I’d like to be able to do the same.