Medium icon is obsolete


(Alex Feerst) #1

Hi Team Station,

Love this application so far!

Small detail – FYI it looks like the Medium icon you’re using (at the top in the row of social apps and also in the left margin for the app) are dated. We deprecated the isometric “M” a little while back.

Not a thing, just figured that since you’ve put so much work into making Station look great, you’d probably want to know and adjust. And of course, we’re pretty proud of our current logo.

Here’s a link to the current “M” and “Medium” logos, which includes some downloadable assets:



(Georges Abi-Heila) #2

Hey @Alex_Feerst :wave:

Thanks for reaching out.
Just modified the logo, it should be changed in our next release.

A more personal note: I really :heart: Medium, keep up the awesome work!