Media Control Feature

(Jorim Tielemans) #1

SUMMARY (your need in one sentence)

As a student I want to control playing media in one place so that I can quickly play/pause/skip songs.

GIVE US CONTEXT (tell us about the current experience)

When I play music on Soundcloud, I need to fully switch to that tab again to control the media.

PROVIDE DETAILS (tell us what you are looking to change)

Iā€™d like to have quick access to media controls. Currently this is only Soundcloud,
but if Spotify or Google Play Music/YouTube would be added those should appear there too.
I was thinking something similar to the media controls in Opera Neon.

DESCRIBE THE IMPACT (how would it change your experience)

The main advantages for me are:

  • no need to switch tabs
  • have one place to control media