Mailchimp has a lot of bugs / glitches

(Shaun Oster) #1

So, lots of bugs with Mailchimp. You can not edit certain blocks in templates (like the grid of 4 images), you can only launch campaigns, not schedule. The aforementioned just do nothing like you never clicked. Lots of stuff does work but for the most part the implementation is rendered useless by these bugs. Ill keep checking for updates, this is a really convenient way to use Mailchimp :wink:

(Bryan) #2

I’ve encountered similar issues. In the Design part, you can’t click on blocks to edit. I can’t get really far in my newsletter designs :wink: Would love to see some improvements here! If it makes a difference, I run Station on linux.

(Robert M Münch) #3

Inserting images doesn’t work, nothing is inserted. So, using Station & Mailchimp is useless at the moment.

(Hampton Stephens) #4

I’m having the same sort of problems with Mailchimp on Station. Lots of clicks just don’t register. I frequently have to stop working in Station and instead open Mailchimp in my regular browser. Please fix. Thank you.