Login Station with any mail address / sign in without a Google account / log in with Outlook or Microsoft account

Station should be access-able with any mail-adress.

As a CTO who is looking for a workstation for all, it should be possible to create accounts with any mailadress. Like name@company.com

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It is bound to google and for professional work not suitable

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You will reach much more users

The issue I’m facing is …

I would like to use Station for several web apps related to my job, but NOT for my Gmail, Google Calendar, or Google Drive – I’m perfectly happy with my existing solutions for those, I’m looking for a one-stop shop for OpsGenie, HoneyBadger, NewRelic, and other tech-related monitoring apps.

I thought Station would be perfect for this use case. However, when I downloaded it and installed it, it starts by requiring me to connect it to my work-related Google account – which I specifically do not want! I cannot find any other option to bypass this and proceed to setting up the web apps I do want!

If Station is going to make all the decisions about which web apps I use it for, instead of allowing me to make those decisions, then it’s a non-starter for me.

Is there a way to bypass this step and go ahead to set up just the apps I want?

Here’s the detailed report

  • Trigger: Downloaded and installed Station
  • Issue: Can’t use Station unless I use it for Google Apps
  • Explanatory gifs/pictures (we really need that :pray: ): 17%20AM
  • OS version: 10.13.3
  • Station version: 1.11.2

at work we use office365.
So I would really love “login with work account” to propose office365.
That way I could test the product with my daily work workflow (slack, outlook and calendar 365, jira, confluence, gerrit, …)

I downloaded Station for Mac recently only to realise that it required me to sign in with a Google account, and that was the only option available. I was quite disappointed and I had to to delete the application.

I’m not sure if it is a limitation imposed by the design of the app but it will be good to allow users to use any account to sign in (or at the very least, disclose the limitations before they download the installer).


The issue I’m facing is only gmail is available upon creating a new workspace. My company uses outlook for its corporate email. I was wondering if I’m missing something here.

Here’s the detailed report

  • Trigger:
  • Issue:
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  • OS version:
  • Station version:

Hey @Alex_Wada, @niyi, @Remy_Saissy, @rusterholz, @Vorsorge_Kampagne,

This has been released in Station 1.27 :partying_face:
Update your Station and you’ll have the ability to log in with an email/password combination.


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