Lock Station with a password / ask password on app start


(Pac) #1


As a general user, I want to be asked for a password when I open the app so that nobody can just open station and have access to all my logged in services


I try not to let my computer open when I don’t use it, but if I do I would like that nobody can open station and change configuration of my cloud services or see all my passwords in 1password.


The condition for asking password could be when app start, every time it goes in foreground or after X minutes of inactivity


The main advantages for me are:

  • Fell more confident about using sensitive accounts in station
  • Being more confident about telling my employee to use station


Really love your application

Secure App Screen
Password protected
Private App, encrypted opening
(fyapobi) #2

Honestly this should be a standard option.
Too many sensitive apps can be accessed. At the very least logging-off f rom station should lock access to the apps, as it stands, it does nothing.

(Juan Gomez) #3

I came here just to say this! please integrate a password login for station; in my case I installed it on work’s computer (not personal) and I really like it but right now it lacks this security of anyone accessing my accounts.

(Matt Walters) #4

Honestly I am confused as to why this isn’t a feature already, I love this app but until it gets individual logins and doesn’t always leave your stuff logged in (even when you logout) it’s never going to gert mass adoption.

(Will Lang) #5

Agreed, the idea that this isn’t included already is kind of absurd. I love the idea and general flow of the app but this is just base-level security. We’re talking about tools that include financial information, clients’ information, password managers etc. I want to use this app but without some kind of security - it’s just not an option.


Got station and really liking it but need ability to set master password so that station is inaccessible after some idle time. This is the first thing I started searching for after a adding a couple of apps to Station. Would love to use it with a Master Password.


Doesn’t the Mac already have a lock feature?

(Diptimaya Patra) #8

SUMMARY (your need in one sentence)

Locks app with a PIN/password option

GIVE US CONTEXT (tell us about the current experience)

Since all of my gmail and other accounts are accessed here; accessing my PC/Laptop gives access to all of them.

PROVIDE DETAILS (tell us what you are looking to change)

What I need, is a feature (of course configurable, optional by default), which asks for my PIN/password, every time I open the app.

DESCRIBE THE IMPACT (how would it change your experience)

The main advantages for me are:

  • I can still run the app but the App screen will say LOCKED
  • Every time I start the App would ask for the PIN/password which would block unauthorized access.
  • Usually friends and family members can access each others PC/laptops from time to time; this feature will help a lot for sneaking anything from Station app.

(Cynthia S) #9

I came looking for a password also. I’m a very new user testing out Station, but I can’t imagine using it with no password protection. Too much critical information is accessible via the app for no password.


I really like Station, but I can’t add some apps until I have the option to lock it with a password, preferably with an MFA option. To another poster’s point, I do have a password on my Mac, but until I can also protect that with multifactor authentication it’s still vulnerable. If you’re going to integrate with LastPass (which would be great), Station definitely has to have a password option with MFA.

(Christoph) #12

I also got here by searching google for a password protection for Station.
The software is great, but it would be an awesome feature to have it protected by a password. Sometimes people have to access your workstations, and than station starts up automatically and everyone can see your data. This is could be avoided with a password protection.
Hope this feature is available soon, though there not many requests on this thread.

(Tipek) #13

:bulb: SUMMARY
We are use this app on the public work station. Privacy very important…

We want to encrypted opening so that user who knows the application password can use the application.

(Pablo Pestaña) #14

:writing_hand: PROVIDE DETAILS
Tell us what you are looking to change

I’d like to protect my Station because I use it on a PC wich is accessible to more people. A pasword at launch would be great.