LeadBerry logging out frequently


The issue I’m facing is: app Leadberry constantly logging out (not saving credentials)
It requires regular re-logging.

Here’s the detailed report

  • Trigger: it just takes some time, even without closing Station
  • Issue: logging out
  • OS version: Win 10
  • Station version: 1.14.1



I wonder if I can provide any additional feedback / input that could help resolve the issue.

Thank you!

(Georges Abi-Heila) #3

Hey @RTL,

Sorry for the late answer. I’m having a hard time reproducing this bug so I’m gonna need your help.
Could you tell me:

  • how much time approximately it takes for Leadberry to log out?
  • is the log-out frequency stable or it changes?
  • does it logs-out while your using it or only when you’ve switched to another app?
  • try updating to Station’s latest version 1.15.1. Does it solve your issue?


Dear Goerge,

no trouble at all. Let me observer the app and I will come back with info.



As for now it looks for me as time-related issue. Maybe it is a session validity / cookie issue? Closing Station or powering system down does not seem to be correlated with logging out.

13.07, 13:36 // Login w/credentials [app status: n/a]
13.07, 13:43 // Station closed and re-opened instantly [app status: logged in]
13.07, 14:50 // Station closed and opened instantly [app status: logged in]
13.07, 15:30 // System hibernation [app status: n/a]
13.07, 17:30 // System powered on [app status: logged in]
13.07, 15:30 // System powered off [app status: n/a]
14.07, 9:00 // System powered on [app status: logged OUT]


@Georges - any news on LeadBerry? Not that I am impatient :wink: