Keep slack active status / synchronise Slack instances with Station activity / mimic Slack app behavior to detect presence

SUMMARY (your need in one sentence)

As a user of Slack whose team follows status and activity guidelines, I want Station to watch for inactivity and synchronize my running Slack instances with my presence so that it reports to my team my presence accurately.

GIVE US CONTEXT (tell us about the current experience)

When I leave a Slack instance and return, I notice that once I mouseover the Slack webapp my status becomes available.

PROVIDE DETAILS (tell us what you are looking to change)

I’d like Station to mimic the Slack desktop app to keep my presence synchronised.

DESCRIBE THE IMPACT (how would it change your experience)

The main advantages for me are:

  • I can get rid of the Slack app and use Station…booyah
  • I can say I filled out 2 Station user stories

I second that request, I’m on OSX. I do not want to have to go to each slack instance every x minutes just to signal to my teams that I am available if they need me.

Is there a plan to mimic the Slack app behavior?


When using the Slack app, the ‘Status’ icon and title appear to update to the user (me), however, other users who do not see the updated status. For example, if you set yourself to ‘Away’ in Slack, you will see yourself as ‘Away’, however, other users see you as ‘Active.’ It’s not just setting yourself to ‘Away,’ but any status updates along with the icons that go with the statuses. There are times where I will make a call to another team member, which then shows a phone icon next to my name. That phone icon will stay active all day, even after ending the call. Reloading or resetting the app does not correct the issue.

I have contacted Slack, and was told this: “Thanks for getting back to me with that link. However, that’s unfortunately not an app that was built by Slack so I’m afraid that you’ll need to contact them for help with these problems that you’re encountering with their app.”