Keep app completely confined to a container

Firefox has an official add-on called Multi-Account Containers to run a site in its own secure sandpit environment. It would be great if this were an option for Station apps so that they can run in complete isolation from each other.

This is very different from ad blocking. The site is allows to load everything (tracking scripts and all) but it cannot see any activity (e.g. other apps) outside of the container.

As a real-world use case, I’d like to run Facebook inside of a container so that I have absolute certainty that Zuck cannot see what I’m doing in my other Station apps or external browsers. Ad blocking cannot give such strong assurance.

I posted something similar earlier but I probably wasn’t specific enough.

Thanks for the clarification @Kranix :pray:

Lol like 12 people will ever use that feature.

I think this could also be used for the case of many different amounts for the same “app”. For example I have two different Confluence sites that I need to access but they run with two different accounts. I cannot have both open in station, even if I add them as two different apps, since they’re not self-contained and attempt to use the same credentials :frowning: