Integrate Station with Spotlight / Open a Station app from Mac OS Spotlight


As a user I want to use spotlight search so that I can look into the open apps on station

GIVE US CONTEXT (tell us about the current experience)

When I switch between apps, normally I need to switch between a random mac app (say, sketch or safari) and a specific app on station.

PROVIDE DETAILS (tell us what you are looking to change)

Iā€™d like to use the spotlight search to open a specific station app

DESCRIBE THE IMPACT (how would it change your experience)

The main advantages for me are:

  • Skipping a step, instead of jumping to station and then switch to the app I need, jump straight to the specific station app

This is badly needed. Using two different shortcuts to do two different searches is too much Second Brain action for something that needs to be done a 100 times a day!