Integrate Chrome extensions / Support Grammarly, Todoist, Zoom, etc

(Teej) #1

:bulb: SUMMARY
Please please please bring grammerly onto this platform

As an investment banker and economist, I would love Grammarly so that I can make sure the things I write are correct.


Zenhub + Github integration not working
(Hp S) #2

Yes @Teej! And as a extension on ALL Station apps, not its own app that you can copy and paste text into.


(Georges Abi-Heila) #3

Hey @Teej :wave:

Thanks for reaching out.
The place to request apps or extensions is directly within Station (and not here :wink:). They’re added to Station every month by popularity order.

You can find more info in this topic.



(Adnaan Ahmed) #4

Hey Georges,
I tried requesting the grammarly extension based on the method mentioned. But everytime it shows a popup (which is awesome btw and had used to add lots of my company private websites) to add it as app. We don’t need grammarly app but the extension. Can you please elaborate on how to request for an extension instead of the app throught the “Add apps and extension” flow.



:writing_hand: Brief description of the issue

My problem is that I’m expecting Github and Zenhub to work together, and they don’t. There is a chrome extension that adds Zenhub functionality to Github pages, so when I use Github within Station my workflow is broken.

You can find the extension here: