Increase dock width / make sidebar icons bigger / drag dock to scale on high resolution screens / make icons clearer

It would be sweet if we could resize the left sidebar and when doing so the icons representing each app would scale up or down accordingly.

Absolutely, I use high resolution screens as well, cannot make out the profile icon dot on the google/gmail accounts.

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Brand new to station. Intent for me is to link my multiple gmail accounts, and stop using thunderbird and apple mail and browser for mail purposes.

Issue is that the left sidebar is very narrow and I cannot make out which account is which.
Several small red gmail icons, with a tiny profile icon.

Please allow for small, medium, large sidebar with larger icons / circles

Please for GMAIL allow me to use a full size profile icon (medium or large per above), in that sidebar, which is how I can instantly tell the accounts apart.

Any additional features per that GMAIL account could then be linked under it.

I have a few suggestions to Station compared to its competitor Franz.

  1. Icons on the left sidebar are way too small, so are close, minimize, maximize buttons.
  2. I cannot use command+W to close the window, this is really inconvenient! It makes me switching between Station and Franz.
  3. Why does Station choose not to use the system notification centre and build its own? I don’t like the feeling of having two notification centres. It just not “centred”.

I have the same issue

The only reason I stopped using Station is because of the icons. I cannot differentiate each logo (also because the colors are all the same when it’s not focused), it takes me effort to recognize the logo and click it. Nobody wants this hassle.

I am uninstalling until this is addressed, have a look at Franz, their Icon sizing/coloring/custom icons are great. Easy to differentiate and big enough, without losing too much screen real estate to it.

Hey I’m using 3440x1440 screen and station left bar is so tiny I can’t even see the icon and the notification properly, can you please add a scaling option to make it 110,120,130% etc… ?
I don’t think it’s long to integrate the feature.

Thanks !

The tabs on the left(Logo only) is slightly confusing. Until a user is used to the logo, it would make sense to make the entire name toggle-able, so that those who want to see the entire name of the app next to it, can do so.

App sidebar is too small on hi res screens and the notification bubble is barely visible (i.e. red dot on slack app). I’m on the 15 inch laptop with 3840 x 2160 resolution and 250% scaling. Both recommended settings on the Dell XPS 15 Win 10. Everything scales up nicely except of the app sidebar. It does looks good on my old 15 inch Full HD laptop.

I would like the panel on the left with the apps to be the normal icon color. It would be easier to identify instead of it all blued the same color.

More importantly. I have more apps than fit on my screen. I am not able to scroll. I have no idea how to reach the bottom of list of apps. Sometimes it shows me the bottom, and the only way I know how to get to top is to use the control plus a number shortcut, but then I can’t get to the bottom again.

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