IMAP email support / Add self-hosted POP or SMTP emails to Station


I just started using station today and im pretty impressed.

Unless i am completely missing something, support for POP/IMAP emails would be great.

I host my own emails on my server and it would be great if i could add them to this app, im not a fan of google/Microsoft/insert evil corporation here

Is there an app to setup IMAP email
Apple Mail & Calendar
(Severo Ojea) #2

Is there an app to setup IMAP email

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Im looking for this too, i just made a feature request.

(Kar Yew Wong) #4

same here too bro, looking to access to my own website email

(Yannick Berges) #5

no news about this ?

(Imad Mroue) #6

Apple mail, allows you to include your apple icloud email and other smtp emails.
Apple calendar, allows you to include your apple calendar and google calendar in one.

Is there an apple mail app or equivalent to allow you to the above?
Same with calendar?

(Misho Sockovic) #7

IMAP and POP are protocols. You still need some kind of web application to access the mail, as far as I know. I use the Roundcube webmail client on my server that I added as a Custom Private App to the Station. To add custom apps, you only need to define the name, login url, and image logo for the icon.

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(Sandro Basharuli) #8

Hi There, how can you get login url from application