Icone Station sur l'écran de mon mac

Is it possible not to have the app icon on the computer screen when the app launches? I’m not talking about the icon in the dock but the one on the screen

Hello @Jonathan_Belle!

I’m not sure I understand which icon you are talking about if not the one in the dock.
Do you have maybe a screenshot to show us ? :slight_smile:

Ceci Maud :slight_smile:

AFAICT this shows that you have stored the Station app in your Desktop. You need to move it to /Applications.

Merci effectivement !

Hello @Jonathan_Belle,
As Diego mentioned it, you have to drag the Station app in your Applictions folder.
If you are on Mac, the icon you still see on your dekstop must be the installer that you don’t need anymore and can throw in your trash.

Tell me you need another information!