I have problem and suggestion?

First, the problem of updating the topics in social networking programs means that I am on Instagram and when I try to see the existence of new topics it can not be updated? Also in the rest of the additions, I suggest the following:
1 - Put an update option with new topics or a new addition to the site we are browsing? Such as in Twitter
2 - activating the option to update the page by a pull to down
3 - or an update button is added to update the page or site we are browsing.
4 - the most important inclusion of the internal browser in the main program example entered on my mail and when I clicked on the link and opened my browser Google Chrome was better to work the internal browser.

Thank you for waiting to be updated as soon as possible

we want also tapatalk Communities extention

why no reply ??? the app also very slow when it open !!! nobody care for user here ??