How to request an app or an extension?

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The place to request web-apps or Chrome extensions for further implementation is directly within Station’s app store.

To suggest an application to add to Station:

  1. Go in the app-store ("+" icon at the bottom left)
  2. Enter the name of the desired app/extension in the search input
  3. If it’s not available, you should see the “request” button: click it!
  4. Please, be a champ and make sure that the name of the app you’re requesting is correctly entered (typos = evil)

We’ll implement apps and extensions requests by popularity order every couple of weeks & you’ll be notified with an in-app tooltip after each new release. Bear in mind that extensions are technically much harder to implement and will probably require a bigger delay.

You’re the best :relieved:


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(Krzysztof G ) #5

I can’t request for TeamWork integration. When I type it, there is no Request button because Teamweek is shown.


(Celine) #6

I can’t see the request button either.
Is there another way to request apps/extensions?


(Electronini) #7

Milanote, and Please!! Already requested via Station’s + button long time ago!

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(etc) #8

I can’t request the gmail asana extension because asana exists…


(Just Sturgis) #10

Type a space after Gitter or whatever app you are looking to request in the search bar and the request button will appear.


(Just Sturgis) #12

Interesting, you are correct. I searched and requested it as “” which does work.


(Asaf Livne) #13

Can you please fix the bug that if a similar find is showing you will still be able to request? I’m trying to request the Base CRM by futuresimple and because “basecamp” is already there I can request what I want.


(Per Thomsen) #18

It would be nice if I could see the requests for apps that I have made. I feel like the request just goes into a black hole.

The even better goal would be a list of requested apps with a vote count for each of them… that way I would also be able to vote for new apps/extensions.

I’m new here, so maybe this already exists, but I haven’t found it. sorry in advance if that is the case.


(DevBytes) #19

Hi @pthomsen ,

Actualy this would be a great adition to the “Add apps and extensions” page.
maybe you could request it in Feature requests?
This way the community can vote for this idea :smiley:
You certainly have my vote :wink:

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