Hide Station instead of close / Don't shut down when closing Station's window / Keep apps running in the background

(Vytautas Butkus) #1


I’ve just started using Station and found a little annoying thing. When I press CLOSE in the app it’s being shut down instead of hidden. I use Station for mostly messaging purposes, messenger, slack, etc… most of such apps instead of closing hides the app.
It wouldn’t be a big issue if Station could start up faster, but right now after accidentally killing it, it takes a while to continue working.

I was wondering if you could add an option in preferences to change this behaviour?

Don't Shutdown Apps While Exiting The App
macOS - Don't fully close the app on close
(Gaspar Rajoy) #2

Don’t fully close the app on close

Station should behave as most Mac apps; don’t “kill” the app when closing the app using cmd+W or clicking the upper left red icon. For example, Slack is made with Electron, like Station, and does it already. When closing the app, it should stay live in the background, otherwise when you open it again, it has to reload everything.

The main advantages for me are:

  • Speed up, constant notifications, lower CPU usage since it won’t be opening all the time, etc.

(Ján Bočínec) #3


It really bothers me when I close the app by accident and then I have to wait for all the apps to reload.

It would be nice if you have an option to disable the close button at all or minimize/hide the app instead.



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i want Station don’t shutdown the app when i press the x button

Tell us about the current experience

it’s just horrible, i don’t like station close it self

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I’d like … station to always on in background

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The main advantages for me are:

*i don’t need to reopen it