HelpScout doesn't work / unable to login with Google


(Jill Winfield) #1

:writing_hand: Brief description of the issue

My problem is that … tying to log into the helpscout app it will not load the content of the pop up. I contacted helpscout and after sending them a screenshot they recommended reaching out to station.

:warning: Mandatory details

Helpscout, cannot login vía oAuth
HelpScout doesn't work
(Valeriy Aydinyan) #2

Hello. Your HelpScout App is broken in the new Station version 1.9.0. Please fix asap
It seems it’s a javascript issue. Pls help

Here’s the detailed report

  • Trigger:
  • Issue:
  • Explanatory gifs/pictures (we really need that :pray: ):
  • OS version: Windows 10
  • Station version: 1.9.0

(Martín Baute) #3

oAuth loads a blank page on helpscout login

(Jill Winfield) #4

I followed those directions it didn’t help.

I tried to add another app into my station and the popup window was blank there as well.

I don’t have anything besides what is on the screenshot I posted that happens.

I am on a 2017 macbook pro

(Jill Winfield) #5

it is now working!

I didn’t do anything different. I’m not sure how or why, but I am happy to have helpscout back up and running inside station.