Have "Unified Search" also include Dropbox

(Jon Andre Pedersen) #1

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As a person working on several projects with various companies (some which may use Dropbox, some may use Drive or Notion more predominantly) I want to be able to search across my whole file management system so that I quickly can find what I’m looking for.

Tell us about the current experience

I currently love the feature (which currently works for Slack, Notion and Drive) and it saves me heaps of time, but it would save even more if I had Dropbox also integrated in the search. Not only that, but it could possibly help me spot/avoid duplicate content saved elsewhere.

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Therefore, I’d like to integrate Dropbox into the unified search.

How would it change your experience

Main advantages stated above:

  • Save time
  • Better and more bullet-proof file management system
  • Possibly avoid or spot duplicates.