Have a download center / history of downloaded files

(Jérémy Djk) #1

:bulb: SUMMARY

As a deep user of Google Drive and Dropbox, I often downloads some files and I want to have a Page/screen where I can find all my download historic where I can open a file or see the current download, and their speed download, or stop a current download


When I download a file, only a pop-up is “popping” telling not much more about the download or all the downloads I made before.

:writing_hand: PROVIDE DETAILS

I’d like the Chrome Download page. It’s works but not beautiful enough like the Epic Games Launcher (Fortnite). I think is a cool idea to have an instant drawer with some geeky graphics showing that the download is downloading.


The main advantages for me are:

  • See what I already download in a quick view
  • researching an old file downloaded via statio’
  • See the current downloads
  • Stop a download
  • Open a file really quickly

(DevBytes) #2

This sounds like really good idea.
Maybe a download MB/limiter would be a great addition to the Downloading panel or in the settings page

(David Silva) #3

It would be nice to have a list with the downloaded files.

Change default download folder
(Marek Majewski) #4

Good thinking, list of downloaded files and choosing download folder very needed.

(Niko Paulanne) #5

This truly is something what is lacking. The downloads just disappear too fast and they should be in notifications for future use as one can download multiple files in the row.