Have a download center / history of downloaded files

(Jérémy Djk) #1

:bulb: SUMMARY

As a deep user of Google Drive and Dropbox, I often downloads some files and I want to have a Page/screen where I can find all my download historic where I can open a file or see the current download, and their speed download, or stop a current download


When I download a file, only a pop-up is “popping” telling not much more about the download or all the downloads I made before.

:writing_hand: PROVIDE DETAILS

I’d like the Chrome Download page. It’s works but not beautiful enough like the Epic Games Launcher (Fortnite). I think is a cool idea to have an instant drawer with some geeky graphics showing that the download is downloading.


The main advantages for me are:

  • See what I already download in a quick view
  • researching an old file downloaded via statio’
  • See the current downloads
  • Stop a download
  • Open a file really quickly

(DevBytes) #2

This sounds like really good idea.
Maybe a download MB/limiter would be a great addition to the Downloading panel or in the settings page

(David Silva) #3

It would be nice to have a list with the downloaded files.

Change default download folder
(Marek Majewski) #4

Good thinking, list of downloaded files and choosing download folder very needed.