Have a dark or night mode / allow custom themes in Station / change UI color / add CSS styling

Hi guys,

Firstly, thanks for the product. As a developer and a productivity geek, I can use my favourite tools together in Station App. But I’m also a dark theme geek. :smile: I use almost every tools with dark theme option or I switch theme via Stylus and userstyles.org. If you can add some adding/importing CSS feature, I’d be really happy. At night, I have to use Chrome instead of Station because of these dark theme options.

Again thanks for the great app, have a great process!

Compatibility to userstyles.org would be really great.


How can I set a Night mode in Telegram like in desktop version:

It will be great if a possible use color setting for all apps. For example, if change dark/night mode in Station this applies to all apps. Maybe use Stylish for it.


Dark Mode in Station

I have a full time Digital Marketer and I also do some freelance stuff as a side hustle. So, I put tin long hours before my laptop, especially station.

Currently, long time usage is a little uneasy on the eyes. Would love to see a dark mode version which will be easy on my eyes and vision.

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+1 for this.

In 2018 it’s almost a bug report “I can’t find the dark mode option”. :wink: .

With IDEs, SQL tools, API tools, mobile apps like Twitter & many others, even Apple implementing optional dark mode in macOS (on top of what’s already there) - this is a must-have.


I think it would be amazing to add a dark mode. Might be unnecessary for a lot of other peeps but the darker an interface can be for me the better.


I saw some station screenshots with a nicer background then mine. Is there a way to change background of the left panel?

Station on my Mac looks like this:


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How I wish the “Enable Dark Mode” feature of Android Messages was available Station-wide. :slight_smile:


+1 for themes and dark mode

+1 for themes and dark mode as well

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+1. Support for the ‘Dark Reader’ extension would be stellar.


@Alexandre or @joel would you accept a PR to integrate userstyles? If so which repo(s) file(s) should we start at?

While it is not convenient or what I’d consider a long-term-viable fix, the fact that Station gives access to View -> Developer -> Toggle Page Developer Tools does mean it’s possible to inject custom styles from the console. At least, I have that working for my dark Slack theme.

However, since I haven’t figured out a way to splice it into Station itself somewhere, I have to do it every time I start Station for every instance of every app I want to do it for. I just thought I’d mention it as something to explore for anyone else coming across this ticket who considers it worth the effort. If anyone can work out where Station might have a file we could edit to splice in a DOMContentLoaded event listener to an app as it’s being fired up (and how to tell which app it is), that might get us at least to the same level of convenience as loading a custom theme in the Slack desktop app.

Stylish support, or any kind of built-in setup for custom scripts or styles, would certainly still be a better long-term solution.

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+1 on this! Like most users, I’m constantly in front of screens and would really love to give my eyes a break when working on various tasks throughout my day.

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same here.
+1 for dark theme in general, even better if use of stylish/stylus type of customization, a lots of good thing already available there.

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+1 for dark theme, please!

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Is there a way to add user scripts? I want to apply this userstyle to Google Calendar

:bulb: SUMMARY
Your need in one sentence

Native Slack Darkmode you can edit /Applications/Slack.app/Contents/Resources/app.asar.unpacked/src/static/ssb-interop.js and add an event listener to onload load a dark theme for slack. Would be nice to be able to have Slack Dark mode in station.
Link to GitHub for default App OSX darkmode:


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As a USER I want to be able to add custom css per application. Thanks so that I customize how I use the application.

Please please please take this feature request into consideration. This is the number one thing keeping me on the edge about using Station. I love the interface, but there is so much white. SO much white. Please help make this happen.