Habitica: successful oauth login via Facebook doesn't get me past the login screen

(Clark Wilson) #1

The issue I’m facing is … I added the Habitica app. I got the Habitica login screen, which has three options: use Facebook, use Google, or use email address and password. I click on the Facebook button. The Facebook oauth dialog panel appears, then goes away. (The very first time I did this I had to enter my Facebook email address and password. Since then the panel opens and then closes. Habitrpg is listed by Facebook as an app that has access.) But I’m still on the login page; I can’t use the product at all.

Here’s the detailed report

  • Trigger: I attempt to access Habitica via Station using Facebook oauth.
  • Issue: Facebook says I’m valid but I’m still on the Habitica login page. Can’t get any further, hence can’t use Habitica at all.
  • Explanatory gifs/pictures (we really need that :pray: ):
  • OS version: Windows 10 Home, version 1709
  • Station version: 1.1.1 (downloaded and installed fresh today)

(Clark Wilson) #2

Actually I don’t know whether it’s “oauth” or not. I just know that using the Facebook authorization is successful but leaves me on the login screen.

(Clark Wilson) #3

The Station about panel now says I’m running 1.3.1. Behavior hasn’t changed.

(Clark Wilson) #4

1.5.0 Just verified behavior hasn’t changed.

(Clark Wilson) #5

1.9.0 Just verified that the behavior has not changed. That is, using the security I have been using at Habitica since forever (i.e., Facebook login), Station doesn’t let me access Habitica, hence for me Station has not “integrated” Habitica.

(Lindsey) #6

Same problem but with Google login. :frowning:

(Clark Wilson) #7

Sorry to hear that. If you upvote the bug it will double its votes!

(Clark Wilson) #8

Workaround: I learned that I can have Facebook authentication AND logon-id-password authentication for the same account in Habitica. I added login authentication to my Habitica account and am now able to access Habitica within Station.

(Tim Robinson) #9

Thanks for the workaround. I’m still seeing this bug in the latest version of Station (1.35.0) too. Google OAuth doesn’t work.

(Влад Завалихатько) #10

Seems to be fixed in 1.37.1 :tada::tada::tada: