Group apps together (in the dock) / stack apps in folders / categorize apps

Folders on the dock, to group apps together. And then maybe the folder would expand into a second dock where the different apps are shown like in the main dock.

When I’m working without an external monitor, I have to scroll a lot in the dock (19 apps at the moment). And I really don’t like that. The scrolling part, but also don’t have an instant overview of all my apps.

If I could group apps together that, for my workflow, are used together, I could bring back the overview and I won’t have to scroll in the dock.

For example Tweetdeck, Facebook, Buffer are apps I use only when I’m doing a particular task.

Even better would be that when the vertical space isn’t there, the apps would be grouped together in a folder or something. And when I’m on a big monitor, the apps would be normal in the dock, but maybe with a visual divider to show that the apps are actually grouped.

Yes, context grouping is much needed.

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That’s definitely an issue we realized and we are looking for solutions but have not settled yet.

Could you help us a bit by detailing your use-cases:

  • What are the 19 apps you are using? Are you using all of them everyday, every 2 days, etc…?
  • For example how often are you using Tweetdeck, Facebook, Buffer?
  • What folders would you imagine in your case?
  • Why would you need an overview of all your apps? In which situation? and what will you do with an overview?

As a side note, some users use frequently the search shortcut (Cmd+T) in this case to switch between apps. For instance: Cmd+T and type `trel => you are on Trello. It’s a very productive habit! It might help if you don’t know it.

Most I use everyday, but not all of them. Tweetdeck, Facebook, Buffer I use most of the days, but not all the day. Others like Calendar, Basecamp, Drive, Contacts, Evernote, Todoist I use every day the whole day.

Here in the conversation below this post I say something about what would be ideal for me. It’s a bit further than just grouping apps: Multiple Instances of Station (For employees & part-timers)

It comes down to grouping based on tasks. I would imagine a folder/instance like “Doing administration for event X”, and in that group I would have:

  • SurveyGizmo
  • Google Drive - page with spreadsheet overview of all events
  • Google Drive - page with spreadsheet registrations for events
  • Salesforce
  • Basecamp - page with to-do’s for this event
  • Basecamp - page with internal communication for this event

Another folder/instance would be “Social Media”, there I would have:

  • Facebook - our Facebookpage
  • Facebook - Facebookgroup A
  • Facebook - Facebookgroup B
  • Facebook - Facebookgroup C
  • Tweetdeck
  • Twitter - my own profile
  • LinkedIn - group of peers
  • LinkedIn - page of our university
  • Salesforce

Another folder/instance would be “Doing administration for service Z”, there I would have:

  • Outlook - folder with e-mails coming in about service Z
  • Google Drive - page with spreadsheet overview of service Z
  • Google Drive - page with students currently using service Z
  • Basecamp - page with information about service Z
  • Salesforce - page with contacts

This way I would make groups/instances that combine all the relevant apps/pages for a certain task that I need to do. And also have the same app multiples times across the different tasks/instances. For me it’s not useful to group every for example Google Drive page in “Google Drive”, like it is now.

If I could have a group/instance for every task/thing I need a different configuration for, I can easily and quickly switch and have all my apps and pages ready to go.

An overview of all my apps is not necessarily needed. For me it would be nice to have an overview of all the tasks here in Station. I switch from task to task (and project to project) during a day. It’s not like that on monday I’m working on this, on tuesday I’m working on that. At all time we have a lot of projects and events and other things going, and we are switching between all of that depending on deadlines, calls/mails/communication coming in, etc.


Could some admin merge this kind of feature request in one topic only ? I saw that we’ve got around 5 or six topics with the same end.

SUMMARY (your need in one sentence)

As a user of hundreds of web apps, I want to group apps on the sidebar in a visual manner.

GIVE US CONTEXT (tell us about the current experience)

Station shows a sidebar with all added apps at once which difficult working with only a few apps at a time. For example, sometimes i’m involved in webdesign activities that needs only a set of tools and i can’t filter to only display a custom subset of tools, losing time searching among the list and visually not seeing the right icons.

PROVIDE DETAILS (tell us what you are looking to change)

Either group through some custom tagging or folder system (Operations, Marketing, whatever-the-user-wants) like Gmail folders or Starring only certain apps to show up (Slack has a good system for this).
Using attributing tags to each app would be a nice solution letting each app to be shown when the tag is filtered and displaying multiple apps across different categories.
It would be also good to have a put to sleep feature where user can choose to only tagged apps remains active.

DESCRIBE THE IMPACT (how would it change your experience)

It would save a lot of time during work and increase the overall gain of productivity with the tool.

@Alexandre Is there any possibility something like this will be implemented in Station?

I was hoping for the same…

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Same here,

I want to categorize/group relevant apps together (developing apps, social apps, etc.)


Would ease up life a lot.

Bonus points: Allow instances of the app in different drawers/folders/trays whatever.

Also bonus points: We can have mixed app and drawers in the main dock.

Also bonus points: Allow specialisation in drawers: color, icon, name, etc.

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I would like to request this feature too! Personally, I have to manage work in 3 different companies and I’m going crazy switching back and forth between apps


Be able to create groups of apps so that they would work as directories in which one would navigate to. The current nav bar would be replaced with groups and one could switch between them or navigate/select a specific app of the other group to check it out.


I have several apps in which there are 2 versions, one personal and the other one for work, with this the navigation bar gets so long that navigating between them and finding the work app is sometimes troublesome, because the life apps could share the same icon. What I would love is basically a way to separate life apps from work apps.


I believe changing the nav bar as to only see groups would be a quicker way to navigate.


This would help me quickly switch between my work apps instead of getting confused with the same icons for my life app instances.

I love the software, great job guys but I think there is one thing that could be changed. I would love to see the ability to group several app instances under a single app icon, then when you hover over the app you can switch between the instances and see the notifications for each when hovering.

This would be good as it would keep the initial app bar minimal and just give the user the ability to hover over to switch between different instances. In my use case I have multiple clients so have multiple gmail and slack instances - which clogs up the app list because they are listed separately. If they could be grouped into a single app icon so when I hover over I can see how many notifications there are and switch between instances I think this would be a better user experience.



@Alexandre Was my use case enough information and is there a vision on how and if you are going to do something with this?

Summary -

I would like the ability to group my apps together like I can on my iPhone. I want to group my Google Apps in a Google group/folder on the sidebar.


The sidebar is nice but it’s essentially useless if you have a 10+ apps for your workstation since there’s going to be lots of scrolling, dragging, and hovering involved. I don’t even use my sidebar anymore, I just use CMD-T so I can at least look at the disorganized bundle.

It may be a little OCD but I like to be able to group my apps by their intended purpose/category/provider so that I’m not looking at 20 scattered apps over a toolbar.

At least let me group all the Google apps.


I use station a lot less than I know I would if this issue were solved. Currently due to this I only ever come on here for one or two apps at most, preferring to use my browser the remainder of the time.

If this were resolved, I’d be a full-time user.

Example of what I am referring to when I say ‘Grouping’


Have you considered a feature where on the main screen applications can be grouped into groups/Themes/Sub Headings like Comms, Online Files, Social Media, CRM

We all are starting to use many applications so remembering them all is starting to be a challenge so it would be great if you could put them in groups/folders like we do on our IPhones/Desktops.

You could still have direct applications links for the top 10 applications used.

You could make it a little like a single sign on system like JumpCloud

The main advantages for me are:

  • easy to find what you are looking for

  • Don’t have to remember all the names

  • Can organise applications into Folders that make sense for you

Folders are definitely a must.

Would it be possible to create a Folder for email accounts

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I’d like to organise applications in groups inside the dock.

Hi. Thank you for your app. I got an email with a description that station groups pages by the app. I added a lot of slack workspaces and they didn’t group. It’s not very convenient to scroll tab bar


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I want to be able to insert my Cloud services, into a folder. And my social media links into a folder. And when the folder is clicked on a popup menu lets me select the link I want to go to.