Great concept but Station has too many bugs for the moment


(Cory Hatton) #1

After using Station for about 5 months I have decided there are too many bugs to continue daily use. I find myself back to my browser more often than not to access unsupported and/or buggy apps.

Heavy Microsoft Teams user - was working originally, no longer works.
Heavy Desk user - never worked.
Submitted posts about these two during first month of use - no movement on a fix.

Notifications continue to show inaccurate information including a picture for someone not associated with the app the notification came from.

No support for LastPass - really difficult for apps that require login daily.

Office / SharePoint is very buggy - requires re-logging in every 5 minutes.

All in all - Station is a great concept! The product I believe has a bright future. Which likely means when it finally becomes commercially usable - I won’t be able to afford it.

Good luck!

(Georges Abi-Heila) #2

Thanks a lot Cory for having contributed to the community and for this honest feedback.

We indeed still have a great margin of improvement before building the delightful experience we aim for.
The issues you evoked are undoubtedly painful and we’ll do our best to correct them in the near future.

Building a new work experience isn’t easy and we’re committed to this daunting task by:

  • maintaining a high update velocity
  • using user feedback as our single source of truth
  • dedicating all our resources to a single product
  • systematically prioritising product/engineering tasks

We’re not always as reactive as we’d wish to, but we read all your feedbacks with careful attention and try to answer to as many of them as possible.

One day, Station will exceed your standards and we’ll celebrate together :wink:

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